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We have been teaching Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) TNCC and ENPC classes over 25 years and truly enjoy bringing the material – whether as a review or new content – to nurses from all over the world. We were the first to teach virtual and hybrid TNCC courses and have done so continuously since 2017.

We learn from all of our students and we make the classes fun and entertaining as we cover the ENA curriculum. We teach the way we like to learn when we take classes.


TNCC Provider course

(9th edition $260 )

ENPC Provider course


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Frequently Asked Questions

What platform do you use for the virtual course?

We use the Zoom platform. We HIGHLY recommend that you download zoom on your laptop/desktop computer AND test the audio and video (it is very difficult to take this course via phone or small tablet; hence our recommendation is to use a desktop computer/laptop). It is ideal for testing Zoom on your computer BEFORE the course; those who do not often run into issues at course time. Here is a link to test Zoom on your computer.

How do you perform the practical testing for this course?

The physical testing is performed virtually live, via zoom, by displaying a mock patient and equipment over Zoom AND providing you with a testing scenario. This is done 1:1 with a faculty member. You, optionally, can use a doll or live person at your location. The student will then guide the instructor through the scenario, indicating the correct course of assessment and actions for that patient. The student is objectively scored based upon their responses. We will have done multiple practice scenarios during the class following the A-J mnemonic, so you will be very familiar with the process and the structure. The practice scenarios are very interactive, and most students feel prepared for testing. Most students do well and enjoy the relaxed-friendly format focused on the objectives. Remember, we’re here to help you succeed in the course, yet you must pre-study the course to get through.

How do I take the written exam for this course?

The written exam is done online, after the live portion of the course. After you have passed the practical portion (see above), you then are able to log on to your ENA account and complete the course and faculty evaluation, then you have access to the written exam. You will have seven days to begin the exam. (50 questions, multiple-choice, 2-hours to complete, two attempts, 80% to pass). By doing the written exam “outside” of the course, you can focus more on what’s needed in the class and reduce any exam-taking stress. Note: the exam is OPEN-BOOK, yet requires study from the course, pre-course modules, textbooks, and practice stations.

I'm a travel nurse, and I'm in a hurry to get my card. How soon can I start my exam and get my card?

You can start your exam as soon as your complete the practical testing for the course. Your course director will enter your score on the ENA website; providing you pass the station, then you will have access to the written exam. Once you have completed the course, the card will be available, in your account, on ENA’s website.